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"You don’t have to be terribly learned musically to realize that something wonderful has transpired in Bach’s monumental set of variations on a ground bass. Sigurjónsdóttir does the hard work for you, so just sit back and enjoy!"
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"This is first-rate interpretation, singularly sensitive to all the nuances of the music while bringing out the sheer beauty of the parts. If you already have a version or two of these pieces, this will augment the pleasure of the music with another reading, one that is vivaciously modern. If you do not have the music, here's your perfect chance to get an excellent version. Bravo!"
Grego Applegate Edwards / GAPPLEGATE MUSIC REVIEW
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On Dark Music Days in Harpa January 30 2016:
"... contained some of the most adventurous and abstract music of Dark Music Days.... and expressive journey that showcased Sigurjónsdóttir’s mastery of the extreme upper register.... The Sorceress, a multi-movement work written for Sigurjónsdóttir, brought the program into furious overdrive.."
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Review of all concerts on day three of Dark Music Days

"Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir plays with a great purity of tone which she can tailor to the historical and individual style of the pieces she performs. Her bowing is always flexible and accurate, and her sense of pitch is precise. She is an excellent representative of music in a very musically intense nation"
Cecelia Porter
Music critic at the Washington Post, 2004